Life for homeless dogs in Albania isn't easy. I visited a dog shelter in Shkoder and helped out for a couple of days. ... read more

Kind of "forgot" to publish this video. Footage is from Tajikistan/2019. Video made in Summer 2020. ... read more

  • Posted Nov 17, 2020

Visiting Auschwitz


Only few things have impressed me as much as visiting the site of former concentration camps, Auschwitz-Birkenau ... read more

A little more than 2 weeks is enough to cross the 3 very flat and very foresty Baltic nations by bicycle. ... read more

Just as I am in Sweden, Finland (re-)opens its borders again, prompting me to cut my Sweden journey short and cross the Baltic Sea by ferry. South again! ... read more

My first time in Scandinavia has a few challenges in stock, but quickly makes up for it. ... read more

It is March when Corona more or less abruptly stops my cycling endeavour while I’m in Thailand. ... read more

In Thailand I'll take a few days break before visiting Germany for 2 weeks. After that, the plan is not 100% fix yet. Maybe Cambodia, Vietnam? Maybe Malaysia? ... read more

Good food, friendly people. ... read more

A selection of photos from my last weeks riding through Nepal, Assam, Meghalaya and Manipur ... read more

  • Posted Dec 24, 2019

Video: Trying out my new horn

Met a cyclist in Delhi who couldn't fit a newly bought horn on his bike and gave it to me instead. Came in very handy when my bell broke only 1 day later. Thanks, Josh! ... read more

For a variety of reasons I almost poop my pants ... read more

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