After only 2 weeks on the bicycle, I'm entering serious terrain. Will I be up for the task? ... read more

After a rest day at the camping in Sempach, it is time to head on! My quick video with some Switzerland impressions can be found in follow-up post ... read more

I'm leaving France and crossing into Switzerland, where I am greeted by "different" terrain. ... read more

Visited the little French village and paid a short visit to the neighboring "Breisach" ... read more

After taking a break in Garrebourg, I just take another rest day only 2 days later ... read more

  • Posted Jun 24, 2018

3-2-1 Go

From Trier to Garrebourg

As planned I am leaving on Monday morning (18 June 2018). The weather is perfect and such is my mood! Off I go! ... read more

After quite a bit of planning, selecting gear, ordering more gear and dismissing some of the gear I had bought I'm finally heading off! ... read more

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