Day 13

"Now you'll get to see the most beautiful part of Switzerland" says a Swiss guy I briefly talk to in Sempach. He wasn't lying! The cycling trip along the Swiss "route 3" is the most scenic so far.

The cycling route crosses the lake via a quick boat ride (8 CHF). On board is a group of a local cycling club (on mountain bikes) and when disembarking I'm trying to keep up. After 20 minutes I give up. Impossible with the luggage -- and I need my strength for the days to come!

Arriving in Brunnen I'm greeted with more stunning views, and I find a place for the night at the camping "Hopfraeben". Not too cozy of a camp site but very close to the lake, which I promptly jump into.

On site, I meet a cycling tourist from the Netherlands. He just came down from the Alps, riding my route from South to North. However he just had to cut his trip short: his e-bike electronics have just quit and there is no shop in sight that can fix it (even though his motor is ironcally Swiss-made)

Day 14

2 Weeks are gone! Still feels great, still feels like I'm doing exactly what I want. Today I'm not riding to far, along the Reuss. A little climb, so I won't have to go too far tomorrow.

Meet some cyclists from Denmark heading my way. They have an accommodation booked. With no camp site in sight, I'm setting up my tent in the wild for the first time. Feels a bit sneaky but everything stays quiet and I'm having a good night.

The morning after: has anybody ever looked more sleepy...!?