Bicycle in action
BikePatria Terravery happy with the bike so far
Frame/ RahmenDiamant 58cm "06 rubinrot" CrMo / 41xx steel
Gearing / SchaltungRohloff Speedhub 500-14Oil changes: 3 (Istanbul, Shiraz, Pokhara)
Brakes / BremsenMagura HS22 (hydraulic rim brakes)Changed pads first time after 8000 km (Kayseri)
Rims / FelgenBig Bull 26" (36 spokes)Supports tyre widths: 44-64mm;
Chain / Kette3/32'' cog, 6.7 mm pin lengthChain 1 (KMC X1): 14000+ km Chain 2 (Shimano...8): 2300 km Chain 3 (KMC ): 2900 km (overdue) Chain 4 (KMC Z7): going
Development / Entfaltung1,50m - 7,90m (42/16) 26"
Tires / BereifungMarathon Mondial Perf. 50-559, 26x2.00 (2.5-5 bar)12000 km: Rear tire has some cuts on sidewall. Changed for Mondial Evo (folding tire) 20000 km: Front tire still going!
DynamoSON 28
Seat Post / SattelstuetzeCane Creek Thudbuster LTDimensions: Patria Seatpost: 26.6 Thudbuster: 25.4 Not too happy with it, as my seating position shifts to the back too much. Will revert back to static post soon
Saddle / SattelTerry Figura GTCHmmmh. so-so
Vorbau / StemAhead 105 verstell. schwarz
Headset / Steuersatz11/8" Ahead Alu (black)
Handle bar / LenkerRiser MAS (black) Micro-Steel
Crankset / KettenblattgarniturTruvativ FiveD schwarz 42Z 170 KS
Lights front / FrontlichtLumotec Eyc T Senso PlusGood bright light
Lights back / RuecklichtToplight Line Brake Plus- Only downside: cannot be turned off manually so once the capacitator is full you have to wait 2 minutes until it turns off - As of 11/2019, capacitator is broken. So that solved itself nicely :D
LowriderTubus Duo schwarz
Rack / GepaecktragerTubus Logo (black)Some rust on the "polished" parts where the bags come in contact with the rack
Fenders / SchutzblecheB65 schwarz 26"
PowerThe Plug 3 USBCharged none of my phones and after only 2 months broke down completely

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