Exactly 1 year ago on 18 June 2018, I started my trip into the unknown. ... read more

This stretch is particularly difficult as I will have to cross a small desert without any shops or villages for about 90 km ... read more

  • Posted Jun 8, 2019

Iran pt 2

Tehran - Isfahan

Friendly people everywhere ... read more

  • Posted Jun 8, 2019

Iran pt 1

Astara to Tehran

My first impression: Iranians are _really_ approachable. Maybe a little bit too much, even? ... read more

Accidentally witness the F1 grand prix event and visit some vulcanoes ... read more

After 10 months it was about time for some new stuff ... read more

  • Posted Apr 20, 2019

Tbilisi time

Family time

My brother joins me in Tbilisi for a few days and we explore the city together ... read more

My last miles in Turkey will lead me along the Black Sea, via Ordu, Trabzon and Rize to Batumi. ... read more

I was really lazy taking videos in Turkey, but here are some quick impressions regardless! ... read more

After a stopover in Kayseri I follow the D850 from Tokat until the coast. In the hills I encounter my first "harsh" weather. ... read more

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