In November I stop cycling for a few weeks to escape Winter ... read more

A jewelry seller casts a spell on me and I meet a crazy cycle tourist ... read more

In Fethiye I couchsurf with a vet and my Warmshowers friend from Istanbul joins me cycling for a few days ... read more

Via Izmir, Bodrum I continue until I reach the Datça Peninsula, the most scenic part so far ... read more

After almost 5 months in Turkey it's time for a small culinary resume ... read more

My trip along the Aegean coast line shall lead me to Antalya within 4-6 weeks, where I plan to take a winter break. ... read more

A first, quick update since I left Istanbul. ... read more

From the start, reaching Istanbul has been one of my personal milestones. As usual I didn't do much research before, but let myself be surprised by the city and people I meet. ... read more

  • Posted Sep 24, 2018

Entering Turkey


On the 81st day of my trip I reach Turkey. I'm gonna be here for a while, so I better start learning the language ... read more

In this short video I've collected a few impressions from Italy (Gargano), Albania (Tirana to Elbasan), Greece and Turkey (mostly chronological order) ... read more

My flat tire series continues ... read more

Finally! I'm meeting my first long-distance cyclist and we ride together for a couple of days. ... read more

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