• Posted Sep 24, 2018

Entering Turkey


On the 81st day of my trip I reach Turkey. I'm gonna be here for a while, so I better start learning the language ... read more

In this short video I've collected a few impressions from Italy (Gargano), Albania (Tirana to Elbasan), Greece and Turkey (mostly chronological order) ... read more

My flat tire series continues ... read more

Finally! I'm meeting my first long-distance cyclist and we ride together for a couple of days. ... read more

And finally, my first flat. And my second. And my third... ... read more

Feeling better the next day I make it into Macedonia (pardon me, FYRO) ... read more

Turns out my stomach isn't as robust as I thought. ... read more

After a night on the ferry I go on to explore Albania for the first time. ... read more

I eventually make my way into Bari ... read more

  • Posted Aug 18, 2018

Rome to Bari

Part 3: Gargano

My roundtrip to Gargano will last some 5 days altogether, with stops in Manfredonia, Vieste and the Foresta Umbra. ... read more

I'm getting invitations all over: for coffee, selfies and couchsurfing! ... read more

After 8 days of break, dental treatments and festivities in Germany, my adventures continues and I continue cycling south-eastwards via Terracina to Capua. ... read more

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