As I am about to venture into territories with less availability of high-quality bike parts (hello, Iran and *stans) Tbilisi was my last chance of getting some much-needed spares of everything (and also some lesser needed "I just want to have this" items)

Luckily enough my brother took a big suitcase on his trip to Tbilisi and was kind enough to fill it to the brim with much-needed (or less needed and much desired) electronics, bike parts and other equipment.

Here's what I got!


  • Anker PowerPort Solar panel charger (21W)
    Hoping for a lot of sun in the next few months!
  • Canon EOS 100D
    I weighed the pros/and cons for a while, but in the end I just wanted a "real" camera. It's a compromise but at least taking photos is somewhat fun again!
  • Anker Soundcore Mini (USB rechargable)
    I hardly used my previous cable-based speaker because it was very unpractical to use while cycling.
  • SD card, USB key...
    Because you can never have enough of those


  • 6 extra sturdy tent pegs for my Hubba Hubba NX 2
    I was already 3 pegs short and a few more were bent
  • Bigger fuel bottle (890 ml) and an expedition service kit for my MSR Whisperlite
  • Some small carabiners and a rope
  • New headlamp (USB rechargable)
  • Additional dry bags


  • 2x Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Evo (folding tyre)
  • 2x oil change kits for the Rohloff Speedhub
  • 2 sets of Magura brake pads
  • Front sprocket and Rohloff rear sprocket
  • Spare chain
  • Ortlieb bottle cage
  • Ortlieb bag repair kit
  • 2 replacement keys for my U-lock