Days 68/69

I feel a lot better today. From Librazhd I will have a few hundred meters to climb in order to reach the next big city in Macedonia, Struga. But only an hour or so after leaving the hotel in Librazhd (10 EUR) I realize that maybe last night's heavy dinner (meat and French fries) was maybe uncalled for. Either way, I keep going, as I'm not willing to pay 25 EUR for another night in a hotel in Prrejnjas (weird... they have hourly room rates, too... hmmh).

Anyways I'm a seasonsed traveler by now and will not be stopped by this! So after only 3 or 4 very quick stops along the way I'm leaving Albania and enter my 6th country during this trip. I reach Struga in the afternoon where I wil stay on a camp site for 2 days (6 EUR p. night).

I'm not sleeping too well though: they have a dog competition going on that weekend, and the award-winning felines are in for hell of a barking competition with the local street dogs at night, once more.

The city of Struga is quite picturesque and reminds me of Zurich, in a way: a big (actually: huge) lake, mountains, people sitting along the river/canald jumping and diving into it and busy restaurants and cafes lining the promenade.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it. Here's the only pic I took in Struga

Days 70/71

On to Ohrid! I'm staying in a hostel for the next 2 nights, as it is the same price I paid for the camping anyways. And it even features a TV

The hostel family is also animal loving. What kind of animal might that be? Post your answers in the comments! (Oh wait... nevermind, I don't have comments on the site just yet ;D)

The patron is very vocal in giving me sightseeing tips and plots me a route on a copy of the city map, which I follow. Against the hosts recommendation I'm taking my bicycle into the old city and end up carrying it up quite a few steps from sea level.