A mere 30 km after leaving Acquapendente I arrive in Bolsena. The road leading up to it -- mostly gravel and dirt -- has been quite challenging and I question once more the sanity of the Italan cycle path planners.

The place though is quite picturesque, nicely situated nearby the lake of the same name and I find a well-deserved rest on on an officla camp site, at 15 EUR per night not overly expensive by Italian standards.

One day later, Franscesco and Gioele also arrive at Bolsena and we meet up in the small town where I'm invited for a beer -- thanks, guys! :)

In the evening during my traditional pasta dinner I come to a few new realizations:

  • ants DO in fact like Parmesan cheese a lot
  • ants CAN enter resealable Parmesan cheese packages, if they are not properly sealed and left on the ground
  • it IS advisable to check the contents of a previously opened package before dumping it all over your freshly cooked meal
  • ants taste like... nothing

To Viterbo

The next day leads me up to Viterbo. Finding an accommodation at first proves challenging, but after a few unanswered phone calls I'm getting a call back a few minutes later. My host welcomes me in the old town in his very small office. He has a few problems with speech and coordination -- apparently he's been partying a bit too much the previous night. "My wife is out of town... I didn't sleep much", he explains whilst trying to take a photo of my ID with his phone.

The night proves challenging because there is, of course, a mosquito in the room, and the ceiling is like 3 meters high...